Can Your Snap Score Go Down? & How to Reset it

Many wonder whether their Snap Score can go down and how to manipulate or reset it. In this article, we will delve into the factors that can cause fluctuations in your Snap Score, how to intentionally decrease it, reset your score, and answer some frequently asked questions related to Snap Scores.

can your snap score go down

Can Your Snap Score Go Down?

Yes, your Snap Score can go down, but it is not a common occurrence. Snap Scores generally increase with more activity on the platform. However, if you violate Snapchat’s community guidelines or engage in spammy behavior, your Snap Score may decrease as a penalty.

How to Make Your Snap Score Go Down:

While most users aim to increase their Snap Scores, there might be scenarios where you’d want to intentionally decrease it. To do so, consider the following steps:

a) Reduce Activity: Decrease the number of snaps you send and receive, post fewer stories, and engage less frequently in chats. Remember that this is contrary to the platform’s purpose, so use this approach cautiously.

b) Uninstall Snapchat: Uninstalling the app and staying inactive for a significant period will likely decrease your Snap Score over time. However, this might not be an ideal method, as you’ll miss out on the platform’s features and updates.

How to Reset Your Snap Score:

Snapchat doesn’t offer an official method to reset your Snap Score to zero. Your Snap Score will always reflect your overall activity on the platform since you created your account.

Even if you delete and recreate your account, your previous activity will be taken into account when calculating the new Snap Score.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Snapchat Removing Snap Score?

Snapchat hadn’t announced any plans to remove the Snap Score feature. It remains an integral part of the platform, motivating users to engage actively and stay connected.

Does Your Snap Score Go Down If You Unadd Someone?

No, removing or “unadding” someone on Snapchat does not directly affect your Snap Score. Your Snap Score is influenced by your individual activity on the platform, and it is not impacted by your connections with other users.

Is a Low Snap Score a Red Flag?

A low Snap Score itself is not necessarily a red flag. People have different usage patterns, and their Snap Scores can vary accordingly. Some may use the app sparingly, while others are more active. However, if someone’s Snap Score is unusually low and their account appears inactive or suspicious, it might be worth considering if the account is genuine or has been abandoned.

Why Is My Snap Score So Low?

If your Snap Score is lower than you expected, several factors might be contributing to this:
i) Inactivity: If you haven’t been using Snapchat actively, your Snap Score won’t increase significantly.
ii) New Account: If you recently joined Snapchat, your Snap Score will naturally be low, but it will increase with continued usage.
iii) Limited Connections: A low Snap Score could be due to having fewer connections or friends on the platform.


Snap Score is an intriguing aspect of Snapchat that reflects user activity and engagement on the platform. While it usually increases with usage, certain factors may lead to a decrease in your Snap Score.

However, intentionally decreasing your Snap Score is not advisable, as it goes against the purpose of the app. Remember, the true value of Snapchat lies in connecting with friends, sharing moments, and having fun while being mindful of respectful and responsible usage.

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