Highest Snap Score Ever (Top 10)

If you are a Snapchat user you must have wandered about the highest snap scorers ever. Isn’t it? You should not anymore as I’ll provide you with the detail of the 10 highest snap scorers of all time and how they increased their snap scores.

Highest Snap Score Ever

The guide tells you everything about snap scores, why they are important, the list of 10 users who have the highest snap scores, and how the snap scores are calculated. So without wasting any more time, read the details below to see who are the luckiest Snapchat users today.

The guide tells you about the details of the 10 highest snaps scorers and what are their scores on their Snapchat accounts.

1. Mustbecris

Mustbecris has the highest snaps score with 322 million scores and is called the king of Snapchat. He has been using Snapchat since the very early times of the app and is known to be one of the most dedicated users who spend lots of time on Snapchat. He has increased his snap score by interacting with his friends and family regularly and by playing games in the app.

Since, Mustbecris tops the list of people with highest snap score, so 322 million score is the highest snapchat score as of this year.

2. Dion-19

Dion-19 is a Snapchat user with more than 239 million snap scores. He sends snaps regularly and is known to be one of the most renowned Snapchat users who often use lenses and filters to make snaps more engaging and entertaining. Despite his highest score, Dion-19 is one of the humble and friendly Snapchat users who always care about his Snapchat family.

3. Chris-this guy

Chris-this guy has achieved more than 134 million snap score as of the Year 2023. He is an avid Snapchat user who loves to interact with his family and friends by sending them engaging and attractive snaps regularly. He loves the in-app games and has seen challenging his friends and family during the game.

4. Michae861

Michae861 has a total of 31.2 million snap score and is known for regularly sending snaps to his followers, friends, and family. He entertains his Snapchat family by sending them filtered snaps to make them more attractive. He loves to play Snapchat games that are another reason for increasing his Snap score.

5. Ciqlo

Ciqlo has a total of 28 million snap score. His strategy is also the same as the other high snap scorers. He put his creativity into his snaps by applying filters and lenses in different, unique, and entertaining styles.

He plays Snapchat games quite often and has been seen snapping with renowned celebrities, which is a very major reason that has contributed to increasing his snap score. His dedication and creative interaction are the major reasons why he is at the top ranking of the leaderboard.

6. Gpierson_20

With a 22 million + snaps score, Gpierson_20 is also another Snapchat user who is at the top of the leaderboard ranking. He actively plays random games on the app and is seen snapping with celebrities.

This act of Gpierson_20 is responsible for boosting his snap score. He makes his content engaging by using different filters and lenses and makes more attractive pictures that make him famous and popular.

7. Daydrunks

Daydrunks is another Snapchat user with a 23 million snap score. She creates unique, different, and entertaining snaps and has been seen snapping with her friends and family daily. She plays Snapchat games and has used filters and lenses to create attractive and creative snaps.

Daydrunks is one of those Snapchat users who has seen snapping with celebrities. Her creativity of mind, when she creates content is one of the major reasons that she is on the list of the top 10 best highest snap scorers ever.

8. Noah Rittle

Noah Rittle has a snap score of 15.6 million. He frequently snaps with other Snapchat users and is famous because of creating creative snaps with the use of filters and lenses.

He is one of the unique Snapchat users who use the Snapchat platform to document their daily life as the YouTubers do by sharing their vlogs on YouTube. Noah Rittle not only documents his daily life via the Snapchat platform but also creates funny snaps and shares his sense of humor with other users.

9. Jade_rush1

Jade_rush1 has a total of 13.8 million snap score as of 2023. She is a famous Snapchat user who uses Snapchat’s special filters and lenses to create funny and attractive snaps. She is seen snapping frequently with her followers and friends and is known for sharing the interesting moments of her life with her followers and friends on Snapchat.

This is one of the major reasons why she is on the list of the 10 highest snaps scorers. Moreover, she is one of those Snapchat users who always looks up to new features on Snapchat. Whenever a new feature comes in the app she is among those users who try the new features quickly.

10. Dailybrayden123

Dailybrayden123 is a Snapchat user with a 10.2 million snap score. He sends regular snaps to his Snapchat family that includes his followers, friends, and family members. He constantly sends snaps throughout the day and is famous for creating engaging and fun content with the use of Snapchat lenses and filters.

What Is A Good Snap Score?

Snap score is a point of competition for many Snapchat users. Although we cannot specify one score and call it a “good” Snapchat score, we can say that any score above 100,000 is high.

You cannot judge the user based on his Snapchat score because a Snapchat score only tells how active the user is on the app and how frequently he uses that. No doubt high Snapchat scores give you a sense of popularity and pride but always keep in mind that the most important thing while using Snapchat is to have fun, entertainment, and enjoyment by interacting with your friends and followers.

Is having a high snap score, the ultimate goal of using Snapchat?

No, it’s not the only goal of Snapchat, instead the app is made to interact with your family and friends in a fun and entertaining way. The app is created to increase interactions with others.

Final Thoughts

This above-mentioned article tells you about the 10 highest snap scorers ever and the related information about those Snapchat users who have these 10 highest scores. You can see how they have increased their scores on Snapchat.

If you want to increase your snap score simply follow the tactics used by these high scorers such as snapping regularly, sharing your life events with your followers, snapping with celebrities, and creating engaging content with the help of filters and lenses available within the app.

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