How Does Snap Score Work? & Snap Score Hacks

Have you ever questioned that is Snap Score just a random number or if there is something special about it? The score that is often visible on the profile is called Snap Score which increases or decreases according to our activities.

how does snap score work?

But the question arises is there any advantage of the high scores and how the score algorithm works?

Snapchat is one of the most downloaded applications on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store as the application is a safe means of communication. A user can use different filters for the camera, send messages and upload videos on Snapchat Spotlight.

All these affect the numbers of scores one has on the Snap profile and these scores work mysteriously, so let’s dig out how Snapchat Score work.

How Does Snapchat Score Work?

Majority of the Snapchat users are eager to increase their scores by sending videos and pictures to each other but the scoring algorithm works differently. Basically, the Snapchat score works so mysteriously that one cannot estimate how his score will go up if he sends 10 pictures a day. On the other hand, one can send enormous snaps a day, so it depends on the user how he increases the score.

When I started using Snapchat, it was hard to determine why my Snap Score is not increasing like my friends and what is the difference between my activities and their snaps. After comprehensive research on Snapchat algorithms and their way of calculating Snap Score, I came to know the entire basis behind the scoring system.

Actually, Snapchat increases one point if you send a snap no matter how many people receive it. As well, you will also get a point when someone sends you a snap and if you post a story on the profile, the system rewards you with a point. Plus, you will get a point if you keep streaks with a friend, for example, if you started sending snaps 3 days ago and receive them daily, it means you will get sending points, receiving points, and keeping the streaks points.

If you want to explore complexities, the user will get a point by viewing the spotlight content plus discovering a new page. Now you can see every activity on Snapchat can increase your Snap Score within days. In short, the user will get a point according to the activity he performs on Snapchat.

How To Get Your Snap Score Up?

Now you have understood that each activity increases your Snap Score but the question is how to grow an account and increase the Snap Score as soon as possible. I mentioned that my Snap Score could not increase quicker than my friends but later I came to know that I can increase it fastly. Anyhow, the best way to get Snap Score up is by sending more snaps.

Each snap adds a point to your overall score and if you send more snaps, the score will go up. In my opinion, you can get a better score if you send a snap every three hours a day. Second, you can increase your score by posting more stories. Usually, we post a story once daily but if you upload it twice or thrice you will get a Snap Score.

The problem occurs when you do not keep the streaks with your friends, Snapchat decreases a point daily. Plus, open the snaps of your friends and try to reply to them in snaps, so it will grow your account faster than normal. There is another passive way to get a score which is by viewing the content on the spotlight.

If you are a short video lover but find other social media platforms unpleasant then spotlights are the best way to get entertainment. Additionally, if you interact with your friends and discover new pages the algorithm will add more scores to your profile. Keep in mind that once your account grows faster you should not stop any of these activities.

Are There Any Snap Score Hacks?

There are no hacks for getting more Snap Score unless you start using third-party platforms. As I have mentioned before, the Snap Score algorithm is a bit mysterious and depends upon the snap numbers you send, receive, or use applications, and upload stories. But if you want to hack the Snap Score mechanism, you must follow the ways I have mentioned above.

If you are planning to use third-party applications, you should keep in mind that these platforms such as applications and websites steal data. Attaching your profile on such platforms is more like inviting the security risks and Snapchat headquarter can turn your account off permanently. Anyways, there are no ways to increase the Snap Score other than using the application and spending most of the time on it.

Why Isn’t My Snap Score Going Up?

There could be many reasons why your score is not going up such as you are not uploading stories and sending snaps regularly. Once you stop sending snaps and uploading stories, the score will go down and you will be unable to recover it. On the other hand, receiving snaps can add one point to your score but if you open it, the score will go higher therefore you should not leave a little merging and perform all activities on the application.

It is possible that you are not following the passive ways to increase the Snap Score such as interacting with new friends or watching the spotlight videos. If the case is real for you then your Snap Score will grow slower than others but you can increase the process speed by acquiring the passive ways.

Using other features such as different filters for snaps or snap music can also increase the score. If you are unable to increase your score you should also use all the other features given by Snapchat such as discovering filters and channels. In case there are no changes in the number of scores then you should complain to the Snapchat authorities via the “report a problem” method, the procedure is mentioned below.

How To Report If Snap Score Isn’t Increasing?

Open your Bitmoji in the top left corner of the screen. Go to the gear icon in the right corner of the page. Scroll down and open the option “I spotted a bug.” Provide all the details that your Snap Score is not increasing for days.

You can attach screenshots or videos of the past few days and the current Snap Score. Submit all the details and the problem will be solved within 2 days.


How many snaps are 300 points?

If you want to get 300 points on Snapchat, you should send 150 snaps. 300 points are easy to get if you send 20 to 30 snaps daily to your friends and upload stories, you will achieve 300 scores within 2 weeks.

How much is 1 Snapchat?

1 Snapchat score is equal to one point. For example, if you send a snap to 10 people you will get 10 or 11 points.

Does Snapchat score go up with just chats?

No, Snapchat score doesn’t go up with chats because Snapchat does not consider them as snaps. It only goes up if you send snaps, upload stories, watch spotlight videos, and discover new channels.

How many snaps are sent per day?

According to an estimate, 5 billion snaps are sent on a daily basis.

How many Snap points are normal per day?

You should at least score 20 to 25 per day if you want to grow your account faster and increase the Snap Score as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

Snapchat is one of the most secure applications which believes in privacy and takes serious action against those who invalidate its user’s privacy.

The application is used for communication and entertainment as the users can share their daily activities via snaps or watch short videos in the spotlight. The application rewards its users by increasing the scores which are called Snap Score.

I have explained how the Snap Score works and simple ways to increase the score within days. I have mentioned all the ways you can grow your Snapchat account faster than your friends. Lastly, I described a method to report bugs if your Snap Score is not increasing.

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