How is Snap Score Calculated? All Things that Count

The guide tells you about how the snap score is calculated and answers this super secret question in an understanding way so users understand how their snap scores are calculated and what they have to do to increase the snap scores.

how is snap score calculated

Factors Responsible For Increasing the Snap Score

Following is the list of factors in the app that are responsible for increasing the snap scores. The factors include:

The Number of Snaps Received and Sent

Well, this factor is confirmed by Snapchat itself. The number of snaps sent and received is added to the snap score. If you send more snaps and are consistent in snapping with other Snapchat users, you will probably have a high snap score as compared to those who send and receive snacks infrequently.

The Time You Spent On The App

The frequency of time that you spent on the Snapchat application also depicts your snap score. That means the more time you spend on the app, the more your snap score will be.

Users Added

If you have more Snapchat users interacting with you on Snapchat, you will probably have a high snap score. Similarly, more friends increase your snap score and as you add more users with you in the app, you will increase your snap score automatically.

Stories Posting

If you post your stories quite often your snap score will increase and vice versa. The posting of stories also plays an important role in Snapscore.

In short, we can say anything you do on the app while staying online helps you in increasing your snap score. That means using Snapchat and staying active on the app will ultimately help in increasing the Snap score.


Do videos count towards snap scores?

Although we do not know precisely what features add to the snap score, we can say that the more you stay active on the app the more snap score you will have. And yes videos do count because snapping with your friends and family and sending them your pictures and video snaps ultimately increase your snap scores.

How to find your Snapchat score?

Visit your profile screen by clicking on the bitmoji icon that is located at the upper left hand. Look at your display name and look just beneath it. There is a number between your zodiac sign and username. This number is your Snapchat score number.

Final Thoughts

This above-mentioned article tells you about how the snap score is calculated and what you can do to increase your snap score. I have tried my best to explain everything but I cannot say that you only have to follow the above-mentioned features to increase your snap score because the app developers themselves have not yet confirmed how to increase the snap score.

All of these features that are mentioned above are tentative features and not confirmed by the developers of Snapchat.

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